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Phenolic resin for FRP


The series is a kind of thermoplastic resin, prepared with phenol and formaldehyde by special process, and has good linearity, low molecular weight and low free phenol. Basing on customer requirement, we can supple various resin with high strength (tensile strength>3MPa), low emission, improved collapsible or rapid polymerization, ideal for castings with smooth surface, high precision and high efficiency.



Rapid polymerization resin: coated sand for simple iron casting; High strength and low emission resin: coated sand for complex precision casting; High thermal stability and high strength resin: coated sand for complex light casting (such as engine cylinder cover); Improved collapsible resin: coated sand for non-ferrous casting.


Model Free phenol
Polymerization time under @ 150℃
Softening point
(℃ )
PF-1811 ≤ 1.5 ≥50 40 -60 85 - 95
PF-1812 ﹤2.5% 50-70 28-34 85-93
PF-1813 ﹤1% 80-120 60-80 85-95
PF-1814 ﹤1% 70-90 50-70 85-95

(Note: 1. PF 1812: rapid polymerization; 2. PF 1813: high strength and low emission; 3. PF 1814: improved collapsible)